7 Common Types Of Blonde Wigs In The Market


Blond wigs have become popular choices among women. A blond wig looks more natural than other wigs, and you can style them in different ways. Are you looking for blonde wigs for any occasion? There are hundreds of blonde wig types that you can choose from. Human hair blonde wigs are the best because they are of excellent quality and are made from actual hair. Stores have different styles of human hair blonde wigs, including short and long wigs. You can also find synthetic blonde wigs at a great price. Here is a list of the common types of blonde wigs you can buy.

1. Emotion

Emotion is a blonde wig that can offer you a glamorous look. What’s more, you can cut it if you prefer to wear shorter wigs. The wig features a monofilament top to allow you to part hair in different directions and a hand-tied base that offers you a more natural look. The wig is available in three different shades: Sandy Blonde, highlighted Champagne color, and Pastelblonde.

2. Camilla Synthetic Wig

It is an elegant synthetic wig with monofilaments. The wig has bangs and makes you look completely natural. If you look great in bangs or want to try out a new style, you should consider buying this wig. The wig has a double monofilament cap to give a natural hairline. Also, it is versatile, and you can easily care for it. Furthermore, you can style the wig differently.

3. Obsession

Just like Emotion, the wig is available in Sandy Blonde and Champagne blonde shades. Obsession is a long, glamorous blonde wig made from the highest quality, breathable Remy hair. Plus, the wig is lightweight; thus, you will be comfortable wearing it. Champagne blonde is a chin-length bob wig with chops at the ends. The wig has a natural flow, and its crown holds the wig’s layers in place.

4. Short Layered Blonde Wig

If you love a messy look, this wig is the best choice. The short layers add volumes to the wig, and the blonde color compliments any skin tone. The wig is human hair and looks completely real. Furthermore, the wig is comfortable as it has a full lace.

5. Natural Straight Human Hair Blonde Lace Front Wig

The blonde wig is silky and smooth. It has dark roots and blonde highlights that give it a natural look. Plus, the wig is comfortable; therefore, you can wear it every day for an amazing look.

6. Cameron Synthetic Wig

The shoulder-length, natural-looking bob wig can be swept sideways, and it shapes your face. The wig has blonde highlights with long layers. The shoulder-length wig has three different cap sizes; petite, large, and regular sizes. Moreover, it has lots of layers and lengths, making it stay on-trend.

7. Short Pixie Cut Wig

The short pixie cut wig is ideal for individuals that prefer short hairstyles to achieve a rock star look. The wig is human hair and is so blonde, making it stand out.


With the wide range of blonde wigs, you need to decide what suits you best before heading to a wig shop. A reputable wig store will have a myriad of blonde wigs, including Cameron synthetic wigs and short layered wigs that will give you a beautiful, classy look.

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