Pool Maintenance: Important Tips You Should Know


Cleaning and refilling a pool with a hose pipe is not something that is done regularly unlike watering gardens and other household chores.

Like work done on gardens and lawns, the use of a hose is an almost regular occurrence, visit website to find out more.

But unlike gardens and lawns, maintenance of a pool is done when the need arises. Why should you drain your pool?

Why Should You Drain Your Pool?

If you have a pool, you have probably been warned once or twice that you should only drain your pool when it is necessary.

Especially for in-ground pools, that warning should be adhered to without objection. What makes it necessary for you to drain your pool? Only a few tasks require you to drain your pool.

· Drain to Clean

Yes, a very popular reason people have to drain their pools. Keep in mind that you do not need to clean your pool twice a week or twice a month or quarterly. You do not need that kind of maintenance.

There is an option to vacuum your pool with water in it if you need to clean it so often.

But what if your source of water contains high calcium or other metals, you may start to notice some stains in the deposits of calcium, remember that this period mentioned refers to after a few years.

· Drain for Repairs

Another reason you may choose to drain your pool is that after a few years of holding lots of water, some surfaces begin to deteriorate. They may then require changing or repairs to avoid failure.

· To Change Water

After years of using chemicals in your pool, the contaminants and chemical level of the water becomes toxic and therefore the water needs to be changed.

While you attempt to drain your pool, you can use the opportunity to combine tasks. That means you can wash your pool, paint it, make some repairs and change the water all at the same time.

Now that you have decided what the specific purpose of draining your pool is, you can proceed. How do you drain your pool? What is the role of the garden hose in all this?

A step by Step Guide on Draining Your In-ground Pool

· Get Pumps (Submersible)

The first thing you should do is buy or rent a submersible pump. You should consider somethings before you make a purchase. First, make sure that the power cable is long enough.

The same goes for the drainage hose.

· Keep An Eye on the Process

You need to check all the cords and hoses and connect them if they are not already connected. Keeping the hose at the disposal area is crucial here.

· The Hydrostatic Pressure Relief Valve

Open this valve to allow accumulated groundwater to escape.

· Work Time

Now, its time to get to work. This is where the bulk of the action lies.

· Replace the Valve

After the job is well done, it is time to replace the pressure relief valve. Use the right tools and make sure it is tight.

· Put the Water Back in

You just need to get water back into the pool. This can easily be done with the hoses. It really shouldn’t be too difficult.

· Get your Pool Pump

Once you get the water right in the middle, its time to switch. Make sure that your pool pump is on hand to do the rest.


Getting your inground pool all ready and perfect is possible. You just need to have the right equipment..

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