Warning Signs For Poor Hose Reel Brands


A hose reel is an essential product in many industries where hoses, coils, and cables are applied. They are often applied for their storage function. They also help extend the life of the hoses and cables by protecting them from damaging elements. However, if you are looking to get these benefits, it would help if you chose the best hose reel brand. You can do this by looking out for some warning signs when choosing the best brand.

Warning signs you should look out for when shopping for hose reels

Whether it is a hose reel or not, buying a product is not as easy as you may assume. There are numerous factors to consider. One of these factors is the brand. It is always wise to put some thought into choosing the best product brand. Sadly, most people make bad decisions regarding the brand because they ignore some warning signs about the brand. Some of these warning signs include:

1. Negative reviews

Most of the time, brands do not feature negative reviews on their official platforms. The few that do feature a few negative reviews ensure that the testimonials are not too damaging. For instance, a company may feature a testimonial where a client complains about the packaging and not its product. For this reason, professionals often advise shoppers to go for testimonials from independent reviews or e-commerce platforms like Amazon and TrustPilot. When looking at reviews from this platform, the worst mistake you could make is ignoring negative reviews. This is especially ill-advised if the same comment keeps appearing. More often than not, you will find yourself complaining about the same thing you ignored.

2. Constantly changing prices

Whenever you are shopping for a product, one of the first things you look at is the price. Sometimes, you may visit a platform to check the price so that you can save up and come back to purchase the product. However, it is common for companies to change their prices, making them lower during promotions or higher if there are issues like increased tax rates.

Therefore, if you notice that the company keeps changing the product price, especially for higher prices, yet there are no changes in the market or the product construction, you ought to think twice. Purchasing from such a brand would be a mistake because it is untrustworthy.

3. Hidden prices

More often than not, companies use reduced prices as a marketing technique to help them attract more clients. However, most of these companies cannot afford to sell their products at these reduced prices. Therefore, they include hidden prices to make up for the reduced price offers.

You may wonder how you can tell if there are hidden prices. Whether you are purchasing a product online or offline, you will receive a full breakdown of the charges before completing the purchase.

Therefore, you can choose to pull the plug on the purchase. Completing the purchase would be a mistake because if the company can dupe you with false prices, it can do a lot more, like using poor raw materials.


The market is packed with a wide range of incredible hose reel brands. One of these brands is GiraffeTools. The brand is highly reputable and offers a wide range of incredible products.

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