How To Choose The Correct Lace Wig Dimensions?


The various types and styles of wigs are usually categorized based on their lace dimensions, like 4×4 lace wigs. Therefore, when choosing the best wig, one of the things you must consider is the size. Choosing the correct lace wig dimensions is essential because people do not have the same head size. Some women have larger heads than others. Therefore, failure to consider the lace wig dimensions may result in the wig looking uneven, unpleasing, and detectable. For this reason, when choosing the best wig, you must consider the lace wig dimensions.

The popular lace dimensions

The following are some standard wig lace dimensions that every woman and fashionista should know about;

1. 4X4 wig lace

These wigs feature four by four inches worth of lace. They are usually easier to install and more convenient.

2. 13×4 wig lace

These wigs feature thirteen by four inches worth of lace. They are usually harder to install because you have to cut the longer lace edges. However, they are equally as convenient.

3. 13X6 wig lace

These are wigs with the largest lace dimension. They usually require more installation work because of the size of the lace. They also take more effort when trying to make the lace invisible.

How to pick the correct wig lace dimensions

The only thing you can do to ensure the correct lace wig dimensions is to measure your head. Below is a guide for how you can measure your head;

Step 1: Preparing your hair

Here, the first thing you must do is style your natural hair the way you would when wearing a wig. For instance, you can plait it in cornrows or brush it to the back of your head and hold it in place using bobby pins.

Step 2: Taking the measurements

You will need a soft measuring tape for this step. Use the tape to measure the circumference of your head. Ensure that the measurements are accurate by repeating the process at least twice or thrice, then note the results.

Step 3: Determine the standard measurements

Once you have the figure, you must determine the standard measurements. For instance, 20 to 22 inches would be considered small and 25 inches large. This way, you can use the standard measurements to choose the best wig.

Wig lengths

In addition to the lace dimensions, you must also consider the length of the wig. The following are some of the most popular wig lengths;

  • Short- these wigs are ideal for humid areas where your body is always hot. They are also a great choice if you want to achieve a bold, young, and trendy look. Short wigs are also easier to maintain, they dry faster, and they are quicker to style.
  • Medium-length- these wigs are the perfect choice for women who like appealing yet straightforward styles. They are also relatively easier to style and maintain.
  • Long- these wigs come in varying lengths. However, they often flow beyond your shoulders. They are pretty attractive. However, they are harder to manage and maintain because of the length.


Note that the standard wig measurements may differ from one manufacturer to the next. Therefore, it would be wise to ask for a size chart when shopping for wigs. This is especially important if you are shopping online.

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