Reviewing Giraffe Tools Retractable Cord Reel


Retractable cords are essential for anyone who doesn’t want to have their space disfigured by messy wires. More people are embracing a more minimalistic approach to interior décor, whether it be the office or the home. Minimalistic settings project an aura of calm, and people can usually be productive in such spaces. The biggest enemy of realizing a minimalistic design is electrical cables. A single cable extending excessively is not a problem; the problem, however, arises when you have five or more shooting up all over the place. Like most problem that occurs, technology has an answer to this one too, and they are retractable cord reels. Read on to discover more about them.

All about Retractable cord reels

Retractable cord reels are simple devices whose modus operandi is a lengthy cable that can be reeled out whenever needed and retracted whenever they are not. Their organizational feature lies in how easily excess cable length can be wheeled in and wheeled out at will, which also doubles as a feature.

Retractable cords have something called a ‘self-stop’ feature, making it possible to let out a fixed length of wire of the user’s choice. This feature gets in the way of another great mechanism attached to the device. This self-winding mechanism is what gives the device the name ‘retractable’ in the first place. The self-winding mechanism ensures you never have to wound in the cable manually.

About the Giraffe Tool Retractable Cord Reel

Which cord reel should you buy? The answer isn’t entirely straightforward. There are several types of retractable cord reels in hardware stores and made by different manufacturers. However, one quality is the retractable cord reel from Giraffe Tools – The Giraffe Retractable Cord Reel.

The first thing that catches the eye of this reel is its sturdy appearance, which it gets from being constructed from heavy-duty plastic, leaving you to be sure of its durability. It uses a spring coil system purported to have gone through rigorous factory testing to prove its power and durability.

Its mechanism for storing excess wire is pretty much the same as any retractable cord reel. It uses a ratcheting mechanism which is also what is employed in Victorian-era water wells. The system is why the self-stop feature of retractable cord reels is possible. It also has a mounting bracket which means you can mount it almost anywhere you want, either a wall or a bench.

A stand-out feature of this brand of retractable cord reel is the safety parameters built into it, of which a 13amp circuit breaker is one. The circuit breaker ensures that the cable is never used to power a device with a higher power rating than itself. It will automatically disconnect once that happens.


The Giraffe Tool retractable cord reel is an outstanding device. Apart from its unique safety feature, its cord is also a premium-grade SJTOW cable that is resistant to acids, water, oil, UV, ozone, and kinking. It has a unique feature that enables the cord to be pulled out from any angle without tangling.

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